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In moments of change in industry and technology there are pioneers of the future, and prison-guards of the past.

Remote Sensors Inc.  is a drone data collection service company, that is pioneering remote sensing techniques to provide actionable data by working across the electromagnetic spectrum. We utilize LiDAR, photogrammetry, and infrared thermography to capture elements with high accuracy and precision.

LiDAR Data Acquisition


Our UAV-mounted and vehicle-mounted LiDAR scanning services provide the highest fidelity for a multitude of applications across civil, environmental, and industrial fields.

Aerial Imaging


We perform aerial site documentation, orthomosaic imagery, both traditional photogrammetry as well as colorized LiDAR point cloud data collection and processing on our own private server.

Infrared Inspections

7.5–13.5 μm

Our UAV thermography services are a non-destructive way to visualize energy transfer with the added benefit of aerial perspective, increased safety, and environmental adaptability.

LiDAR Specialists

After 4 years in the UAV services space and 1500+ safe data capture missions, we have solid confidence in our workflows and QA/QC measures. LiDAR is an amazing technology that has been around for several decades, but what makes it a game changer for surveying and engineering firms is the ability to focus these sensors at lower altitudes. Our client’s love us because our turn-key services allow them to focus on generating more business, and deploying in-house personnel to more labor-intensive projects.

Our experience and equipment set us apart because we believe LiDAR is most valuable when combined with imagery. Collecting imagery along with our LiDAR data allows us to create highly accurate, geo-reference orthomosaic imagery along with colorizing the LiDAR point cloud. This colorization of the point cloud enables our analysts to perform QA/QC with higher levels of site awareness.

We service a range of clients as both primary, turn-key data collectors and supplemental sub-contractors. We understand workloads fluctuate and some of our best clients have their own in-house drone programs, but work with us to extend their capabilities and geographic reach without overhead of added equipment, insurance, and payroll costs.

The Team Behind RSI

With years of experience in the field, in the air, and in the chair (in front of the monitors), the core team at RSI is a powerful combination of talent and experience assembled with the specific purpose of bringing remote sensing LiDAR data collection services to industry partners.

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